I always like to provide my best massage therapy to all of my clients so they can make a difference after my treatment.

Please find below some testimonials from my clients, or feel free to leave your own in the comments box below.

” Liviu is a very professional massage therapist who understands the body from inside and out. His massage has helped relieve my muscle aches and back pain and it’s really relaxing. He also uses different techniques to help provide the best treatment and at this price its fantastic. Thank you “

Client with back problems in Edgware


” You have such good hands, you always give me a great massage, as you know I’ve got very tight muscles and joints, but with your massage sessions I can keep mobile.  – I look forward to the best masseur in town and such good value, your deserve the best, as you put a lot into the massage sessions, which I have twice a week, so helpful and a very genuine and kind person. Thank you so much

Regular client with arthritis


“I have known Liviu for a considerable time. He has given me theraputic, presssure points, swedish, sport and relaxing massages. He has proven to be punctual, very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field I would recommend him to my family and my dearest freinds Give him a try and you will not regret it”

Regular client from Golders Green

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adminFebruary 28, 2012 at 9:42 pm

Liviu understands a lot about the body…no wonder, he is a physio..he took me through exercises(at my demand), and mostly, during the last 5 years I know him, massages, delicious, long, liberating massages: deep tissue, sportive, cupping, lymphatic massage, reflexology. I regularly fall asleep during the first half hour. I wake up when I have to turn on my front and then, I ask all the questions I want to know about health. He is always, always eager to please and heal. His personality is soothing and happy, allways the optimistic. He became a real friend as well as a fixed feature of my week, I always look forward to my day of massage. Madeline

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